Results and Pictures of 2016 Events

Date Type Location Results Event Chair (O.D.) Event Pictures
Mar 26 Autocross RIR Results Team Chenery  
April 24 Autocross VMP Results Robert Harrison  
May 7 Practice RIR Results Jeff Chenery  
May 8 Autocross RIR Results Harrison / Cann by Eli Christman
June 5 Autocross VMP Results A.Chenery / Wells  
June 11 School RIR Results A.Chenery/B.Kiser  
June 12 Autocross RIR Results Harrison/deMoraes June 12
July 9 Practice RIR Results Merriman/A.Chen.  
July 10 Autocross RIR Results TBD July 10
Aug 7 Autocross VMP Results< &TBD  
Sept 4 Autocross VMP Results B.Cooley / et al.  
Oct 2 Practice VMP Results TBD  
Oct 16 Club picnic MEP   Club picnic!! Oct. 16
Nov 6 Autocross VMP Results BRR Challenge  

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